Medical Litigation Support Services

Medical Intelligence Consultants provides comprehensive medical-legal expert services in any case where medical issues are involved. As a member of your team, we provide timely, thorough and proactive medical intelligence on an as-needed basis, throughout the entire life of litigation.

“Medical Intelligence Consultants is an outstanding resource for our firm in matters requiring medico-legal analysis. Their reports are accurate, timely, and very user-friendly. Dr. Bernstein is a pleasure to work with.”

Gregg R. Woodnick, Esq.

“Intelligence” is the Integral Part of Our Name

In the intelligence world, operators in the field are only as good as the information provided to them “down range” by analysts. We are your “analysts.” As issues arise as your case evolves, we provide timely input, in a way that experts engaged in clinical practice often cannot. While an expert may provide detailed accurate information regarding his/her specific aspect of a case, Medical Intelligence Consultants provides “expert” level analysis; a broad yet in-depth perspective and clear effective communication for the entire case.

We are involved in the entire litigation process to best accommodate your needs.

  • Initial meeting with legal team: conference call or in person, whichever works best for your team
  • In-depth case review and analysis: medical record review, best practices literature review, case summary and presentation of findings
  • Educating Attorneys on Pertinent Medical Issues: - “Med School 101” educating the litigation team on critical medical issues
  • Assistance with Sourcing of Experts for Testimony: sourcing experts for depositions and trial testimony
  • Deposition support: pre-deposition preparation and deposition transcript review, including both friendly and opposing expert testimony
  • Assistance Creating Content for Jury Presentations: assisting litigation strategic communication consultants with medical content
  • Attendance at Trial: in person or remote attendance at depositions and trials for real-time consultation

An Approach that Makes all the Difference in Litigation

Our intelligence work ensures a strong case position.

  • We provide both a comprehensive “forest” and “trees” view of all relevant medical information
  • We arm you with every detail, leaving no stone unturned
  • You have the tactical advantage because you are fully educated and prepared
  • We will communicate with you promptly and effectively

Areas of Law Supported

  • Medical malpractice attorneys
    (plaintiff or defense)
  • Personal injury attorneys
  • Disability attorneys
  • Divorce attorneys
  • Healthcare attorneys

We’ve Got Your Back, No Matter the Medical Specialty

Marc Bernstein, MD and his team at Medical Intelligence Consultants provide medical-legal expert services for all specialties of medicine.  Marc leads our team, including a “bullpen” of physician specialists and allied health professionals, who can be “called up to the mound” as needed with great breadth and depth of medical experience -  from primary care, to critical care and emergency medicine; from cardiology and surgical specialties to physical medicine and rehabilitation.

“No case is out of our wheelhouse.”

Every case is supported by our due diligence, broad knowledge of medicine and accepted standards of care, and a thorough review of current pertinent research and related medical literature.  Additionally, the particular fact pattern of every case is measured against “best practices,” as determined by the various medical specialty professional organizations and the latest advances in medical practice.