The Medical Intelligence Consultants Advantage

Compared to the traditional “medical litigation expert witness” model, we offer you more “bang for your buck” by providing an expert-level review of the entire medical record at a fraction of the cost of a testifying expert. This allows the testifying expert to focus solely on his/her very specific issue in the case. Meanwhile, we guide you from a case-wide perspective, and are always available to promptly respond to evolving issues in the litigation of your cases.

“I have worked with Medical Intelligence Consultants for many years. Dr. Bernstein is very detail focused and has a keen ability to distill complex medical information into a user-friendly work product, saving countless hours of time and expense. His strategic advice on litigation makes him an invaluable resource to the legal team.”

David M. Levine, Esq.

Count on Us to Prepare and Support You

Medical Intelligence Consultants will perform an initial “deep-dive” review of your case to provide you with several advantages:

  • We will advise you as to whether the case is worth pursuing.
  • We will educate you and your team on the medical issues and background knowledge pertinent in your case.
  • We may uncover other issues in the case that were not initially apparent.
  • We will assist you in determining if there are other potential defendants in your case.
  • As always, we will be by your side throughout the lifespan of the litigation.

Count on Us to Deliver Greater Value

While initial reviews by RN/paralegals are less costly than physician reviews, they often lack the level of detail required to decide whether or not to accept a client’s case. Testifying medical litigation expert witness reviews of the entire medical record are costly and often not time-efficient. Medical Intelligence Consultants bridges this gap by providing an initial detailed review of the entire medical record, and ongoing cost-effective expert consultation throughout the life of the litigation.

As expert consultants, our work-product is not discoverable, providing an advantage over opposing counsel. As the litigation progresses, if appropriate, we can attend depositions and trials providing you with real-time input.

Comparison of Levels of Medico-legal Support:

Count on Us for Quality. Always.

Medical Intelligence Consultants’ work-product is of the highest caliber. You can be sure we have examined your case completely, made assessments based on most recent medical practices and standards, and have communicated with you in truly understandable language, ensuring that you are fully informed. We pride ourselves on establishing and maintaining long-term relationships, so that you can count on us for the long haul.

Count Us to be Affordable

We offer a much more cost-effective solution when compared to using a testifying medical litigation expert witness to perform an initial review of your case. To make better use of your resources, engage Medical Intelligence Consultants for review of the case as a whole; use testifying experts only for the medical specialty-focused issues in your case. We will work in tandem with testifying experts and will assist in sourcing such experts, as needed. You not only reduce costs, but you are assured that we will view your case from the perspective of both “the forest and the trees.”


Our most popular option is a monthly retainer which includes several hours of services per month, after which additional hours are billed at a discounted rate.
Alternatively, our consultation services can be billed at a standard hourly rate. If neither of these options are a good fit for your firm, we are willing to discuss other arrangements with you.