The Deeper You Go
The More You Discover;
No Rock Left Unturned.

You need in-depth medical litigation support, assessment & guidance.

Expert Witnesses are often too busy to be responsive.
RNs or Paralegals rarely have the level of expertise.

You need the dedication & expertise of
Medical Intelligence Consultants

Areas of Law Supported

  • Medical malpractice attorneys
    (plaintiff or defense)
  • Personal injury attorneys
  • Disability attorneys
  • Divorce attorneys
  • Healthcare attorneys

Advantages of Engaging Our Consultation Services

  • Testifying experts are often not available when you need them; RNs are available, but do not have a physician’s depth of knowledge or experience; we are always available for medical litigation support when you need us, providing accurate, experienced timely responses
  • Very detailed review of the medical record; ability to find the “needle in the haystack”
  • Expert depth of knowledge without being “discoverable” by opposing counsel; we are your “unnamed White House source”
  • More cost-effective than having “testifying experts” review the entire case file
  • We are a resource with resources; a cadre of health care professionals such as RNs, EMT/Paramedics, Physical Therapists, etc.
  • Our medical litigation support services integrate well with other trial and jury consultants; we can assist with sourcing experts for testimony

Support Throughout the Entire Life of the Litigation

Support Across All Medical Specialties

Medical Intelligence Consultants offers comprehensive medical litigation support for all fields of medicine.  You can count on us to clearly explain complex medical concepts, as we have won multiple awards for teaching healthcare professions students, medical residents and sub-specialty fellows.  Most importantly, we possess broad clinical experience, having been involved in patient management in all fields of medicine.

We Are Always Available as Your On-call Litigation Consulting Experts

We will always provide timely, accurate input as your case’s litigation process evolves.  Get the information you need when you need it.  Whether a short phone call or a face-to-face is required, we will always promptly accommodate your needs.